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Arctic Cat Prowler Accessories

Arctic Cat Prowler Accessories

While there’s no real way of knowing, it’s a safe bet that many people who invest in an Arctic Cat Prowler keep it running for much longer than an average UTV might. In fact, enthusiasts often get attached to one ride and don’t want to give it up.

Since Advantage Distributing has made sure to put together a collection of Arctic Cat Prowler parts and accessories, you won’t have to give yours up if it just needs a little work. Take a look at the parts list below.

Mirrors & Lighting Kits for Arctic Cat Prowlers

Companies like Seizmik have put ABS strike breakaway side view mirror pairs on the market, which can help to restore visibility to a vehicle that’s lost it. If you’ve been having problems with the original stock set of mirrors, then these could help. They’re made of high-impact plastic that might very well be more durable than the originals. Perhaps more importantly, they’re very resistant to corrosion.

Bad Dawg has a line of universal convex side rearview mirrors as well, which measure around 1¾” so they should give you a pretty good view of what’s going on behind your vehicle. Some motorists say that the sightlines they get with these mirrors actually exceeds what they experience when looking through the mirrors in their own full-sized automobiles.

Lighting kits are every bit as important, especially if you take your Prowler on trails with significant plant growth and few exterior lamps. A single universal LED light bar that features a 1¾” dimension should prove perfect not only for your vehicle but also for a number of others.

Due to fitment specifications, these can also work with some Polaris Rangers and Yamaha Rhinos depending on the year they made it onto the dealer lot. For the same reasons, a pursuit side view mirror set may fit Polaris RZR branded vehicles as well as some from Arctic Cat. You may want to take a few moments to check the model, make, and year of the UTV you have to make sure your new aftermarket components will fit it.

Fortunately, this isn’t difficult at all, and installing your new gear should prove even easier. Chances are that you won’t need anything that you don’t already have in your toolbox or out in the garage to get your mirrors, lights, and all of your other accessories up to speed.

Aftermarket Arctic Cat Accessories

Aftermarket manufacturers are always putting together new designs to keep existing Arctic Cat Prowler vehicles out on the back-roads and trails longer than they otherwise might be able to. If you’re trying to restore an existing ride or you just want to add a little more feeling back into your favorite UTV, then you might not have to think about getting a new motor vehicle. Instead, look up the model year of the Prowler that’s currently in your garage and contact us online to learn more about what kinds of aftermarket accessories are currently offered for it.

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