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EZGO Lift Kits

EZGO Lift Kits

When you are ready to extend the functionality and utility of your E-Z-GO electric golf carts, lift kits will allow you to modify the riding height and overall stability of the chassis. For the most part, E-Z-GO carts are sold as stock models that allow a set clearance ideal for the golf course, country club, or college campus; this stock clearance sets certain limits in terms of where the carts can be driven and how they can be used. With the right lift kits, your E-Z-GO carts can be transformed into utility vehicles that can better handle off-road conditions as long as you install adequate tires.

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Advantage Distributing has been offering E-Z-GO lift kits as well as parts and accessories since 2001. Here are some of our most popular lift kits to extend the functionality of your E-Z-GO carts:

E-Z-GO Lift Kits for 1994-2001 Models

The E-Z-GO Medalist golf cart features a three-bolt steering system whereby the steering box is mounted directly onto the firewall. From the mid-1990s until 2001, Medalist models dominated the electric golf cart market; as a testament to their legendary durability, plenty of these golf carts are still operational. The Jake’s drop axle lift kit for these Medalist models will replace the entire front axle, thus providing additional length to the wheelbase.

E-Z-GO Lift Kits for 2000-2003 Models

The TXT electric golf carts improved upon the Medalist model with substantial energy efficiency and a smoother ride. The four-bolt steering rack is mounted right onto the front axle, but this is not an issue when installing the lift kit. There are two versions of the TXT cart; if yours does not have the kind of tie rods that require greasing, you will have to get a different Jake’s lift kit.

E-Z-GO Lift Kits for 1989-1994 Gas Models

Owners of Marathon gas-powered golf carts know that these models are reliable workhorses, particularly those manufactured by Textron between 1989 and 1994. Extending the useful life of your old Marathon is easy with Jake’s lift kit, which comes with all the hardware you need to add more length to the wheelbase and provide more stability. Like all the other Jake’s lift kits in our catalog, this one will not require any cutting or welding.

E-Z-GO Lift Kits for the Workhorse 1200

Textron introduced the Workhorse 1200 gas-powered cart in 2001; since then, it has become a favorite utility vehicle used in many farms, warehouses, campuses, and golf courses. With Jake’s 6216 lift kit, you can lift the axle of the Workhorse by five inches, thus squaring up the cart for greater stability and load-bearing capacity.

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If you have questions about any of the lift kits we carry for E-Z-Go electric golf carts, or if you want to learn more about the ordering and shipping process, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our warehouse is located in Phoenix, but we deliver all across the United States.

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