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EZGO Windshields

EZGO Windshields

E-Z-GO is one of the most easily recognizable brands of golf carts. The history of these carts dates back to 1954; these days, it is a special division of Textron, a conglomerate that manufactures everything from snow tracked vehicles to helicopters and from golf carts to tractors.

Why You Always Need Golf Cart Windshields

Depending on the trim package selected at the time you acquired your TXT vehicle, there may or may not be a golf cart windshield in place; however, all TXT carts feature a frame to support this part. As tempting as it might be to remove the windshield so that you can enjoy the breeze, but this temptation quickly fades the moment an errant golf ball comes into the cabin, a bird flies in, or when a tropical storm starts pelting you with sheets of rain.

The time will come when you either need to install or replace the windshield in your E-Z-GO TXT cart, and this is when you can trust Advantage Distributing to quickly deliver it at the best price. Here are some of the most popular windshield parts in our catalog:

Clear Folding Clip-On Windshield

This windshield, which is manufactured by NIVEL, is both durable and affordable; it is designed to fit TXT models from 1994 to 2013, and it is very easy to install because it simply clips onto the frame. The folding mechanism is ideal for those sunny mornings on the course that turn into rainy afternoons during the summer. This part also comes in a tinted version.

Thick Winged Folding Windshield for T48

If you have an E-Z-GO TXT T48 model from 2014 and up, this is the best windshield you can get. The thick acrylic pane is impact resistant to protect against scratching and shattering; plus, the winged design provides more protection against rain.

MadJax Tinted Windshield

Designed to fit TXT models from 1994 to 2013, this MadJax windshield has a pleasant tint that is not too dark or obtrusive; it provides a folding mechanism and it is manufactured to meet and exceed the OEM specifications of Textron. Mounting hardware is included along with an installation guide.

Learn More About Golf Cart Windshields from Advantage Distributing

E-Z-Go is just one of the golf cart brands we support. If you have Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Columbia, or Club golf carts, there is a good chance that we have adequate OEM or third-party parts. Please contact us with any questions about our online catalog or the ordering process. Windshields are just one of our many parts that qualify for free shipping.

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