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Golf Cart Covers

Golf Cart Covers

Have you ever left your golf cart out in the rain, only to find that it was taken over by moisture and mold? Perhaps you left it unprotected in a garage and it started to get cobwebs and debris all over it. That’s a problem for anyone who owns a cart, but it’s especially serious if you happen to have a particularly high-end one like those that are used by some country clubs.

Whether your organization uses golf carts for their original purpose or prefers them as utility vehicles, you’ll want to protect them with an exterior cover. Advantage Distributing has a collection of them to fit many different sizes, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting just the right piece.

Covers for All Sizes of Golf Carts

Classic Accessories provides a Fairway four-person golf cart cover that has a sense of style. It features a prominent zipper that makes it easy to stash away your favorite cart while protecting it from the elements. An elastic cord in the bottom hem ensures a great fit no matter what particular model you’re using it to protect. Since it comes with its own integrated storage bag, you won’t even have to put any thought into where you’re going to put it away whenever you’re driving your cart.

Many of these same features are found on the four-person quick-fit storage cover, which comes in a khaki color and offers the same tough weather-resistant fabric that the original model did. Rear air vent assemblies help to reduce the amount of wind lofting that occurs when you have the cart packed up outside. These also cut down on how much moisture and humidity get trapped inside, which could dramatically reduce the risk of developing mold. A set of tie-down straps come with the cover, so you won’t have to worry nearly as much about the whole thing blowing away.

Four-person quick-fit golf cart covers come in a variety of shades, including a fashionable black hue. You could pick a design that’s ideal for more formal occasions or perhaps pick something that matches your organization’s branding. That’s a great solution for those who plan to use their carts as part of a business venture.

Regardless of which golf cart covers you want to invest in, there’s one place that you can find them all without having to look around.

Finding Covers for Your Golf Carts

Various makes and model years of carts come in different sizes, which means you’ll need to match your cart to the right kind of cover. Fortunately, that isn’t difficult because Advantage Distributing has taken the time to put together a wide collection that should meet the needs of almost any driver. Take a look and then contact us online with any questions you might have. Our staff of friendly and knowledgeable representatives would be more than happy to help you get the information you need to get a golf cart cover that will protect your favorite ride.

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