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Golf Cart Parts

Golf Cart Parts

Would you ever consider buying a whole new golf cart simply because one piece of equipment wore out on the one you had? That wouldn’t make any sense. You’d probably much rather replace whatever piece gave out on you.

At Advantage Distributing, we’ve done our best to put together a large collection of golf cart parts and accessories that should help anyone looking to revitalize their existing cart or get an older vehicle running again.

Check out some of the following components.

Aftermarket Golf Cart Replacement Parts

Just take a moment to jot down the make and model of the cart you’re driving. Once you do, you’ll be in a great position to invest in some aftermarket components that can help you accomplish whatever your reworking goals might be.

EZGO RXV LED Head Tail Light Kit

If you’re planning on redoing a number of EZGO golf carts together at the same time, then you might want to look into getting a group kit like this one. It includes a set of six headlight assemblies, all of which have between 5,000 and 10,000 hours worth of bulb life span. That makes it very unlikely that you’ll have to perform any further replacements soon.

Club Car Golf Cart High-Speed Electric Motor

Normally, people don’t talk much about performance when they consider golf carts. However, this AMD 48 volt motor can replace a factory-installed model and provide up to a 20 percent increase in torque. Those who drive carts that feature a 1268 Curtis controller will certainly want to consider this aftermarket component. In most cases, it shouldn’t be that difficult to install.

Golf Cart Battery Discharger Tester

While it might not be a part of its own right, a discharger tester is an extremely important tool to keep around if you plan on doing any work with a battery pack. This Lester model supports both 36 and 48-volt batteries, which should be perfect for anyone who has to repair or replace a battery and isn’t sure of how the cells are going to hold up. They’re relatively easy to use, which has made them all but an absolute fixture in a majority of commercial repair facilities.

EZGO PDS Plus Golf Cart 7HP Motor

Every once in a while we hear that someone just really wants a motor that works the same way the one that came with their golf cart did. As a result, this AMD stock motor for EZGO carts has come to fulfill a certain niche in the hearts of many users. It’s identical to the design that’s installed on a number of different vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about its performance characteristics being significantly different than what you’re already used to working with.

No matter which of these systems sounds like a good idea to you, make sure to contact us online and tell us more about your organization’s specific needs. We’ll connect you with the experts that will help you get the parts you need for that cart you have sitting on the property waiting to be driven again.

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