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ATV Radiator Relocation Kits

ATV Radiator Relocation Kits

Shop ATV radiator relocation kits and parts for sale at Advantage Distributing.

Exploring muddy terrains and splashing around puddles and flooded ravines are part of what makes ATV riding a fun activity. Once you join a riding club where members like to push their ATVs to the limit, chances are that you will experience some trailblazing through the mud or cutting across the water. There is no question that your ATV will handle this kind of terrain condition, but only if the right equipment has been installed.

Here’s something that all ATV owners need to know: When their vehicles roll off the assembly line, they are ready to go off-road, which means that they will be able to negotiate gravel, sand, rocky terrain, and grass. When it comes to a couple of inches of mud, stock tires will be fine, but the loss of traction will probably send you looking for a tire upgrade.

When things get deeper and really muddy, you will need more than special tires. Once the ATV starts to submerge closer to its clearance line, you need snorkel kits to keep vents and air intakes from clogging up, but what about the radiator?

When You Need ATV Radiator Relocation Kits

You don’t want to be that guy whose ATV overheats after crossing a mud obstacle despite having a snorkel kit installed. Seasoned riders will tell you that a snorkel kit is not complete unless that radiator has been relocated, and they are often right about this. Fresh air is crucial to ATV riding, but it may become compromised in muddy or extremely dusty conditions.

How Universal ATV Radiator Relocation Kits Work

In essence, ATV radiator relocation kits allow you to change placement and position of this cooling element to a higher spot; the gist of the relocation is to seek a place where the radiator will breath fresh air instead of recirculated air coming from under the hood, where it can get clogged up with mud and debris. Following are some of our most popular ATV radiator relocation kits:

High Lifter Kit for Can-Am Outlander 500 MAX LTD

If you own a 2010 Bombardier Can-Am Outlander, you can get into pretty deep mud with just the stock configuration. When you are ready for more extreme riding, a snorkel kit plus this radiator relocation kit will make your Outlander an amphibious machine.

Radiator Relocation Kit for 2013 Polaris Sportsman 850

With this kit, your radiator relocation project will end up on the front rack, and the cap will be a lot more accessible in case you need to refill with a water and coolant mix. This kit includes a stylish shroud.

Radiator Relocation Kit for Honda 500 Rubicon

This project is a little more involved; hence, it requires more pieces, but the price is still very affordable. If you own Honda 500 Rubicon ATVs from 2015 or 2016, this is the radiator relocation kit you need.

Learn More About ATV Radiator Relocation Kits

Should you have questions related to radiator relocation kits for your ATVs, please get in touch with us today. Advanced Distributing has been helping ATV owners locate popular and hard-to-find kits, parts, and accessories since 2001. With a few exceptions, shipping will be free on most orders.

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