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Intimidator UTV Accessories

Intimidator UTV Accessories

Have you ever thought that your Intimidator would be the perfect UTV if it had just one or two extra features? Perhaps you’ve taken a look at it and thought that it would be best to restore it by replacing one or two components that might have broken off while you were using it out on the trails.

In either case, a few extra parts and aftermarket accessories are all you’ll need to get your vehicle in perfect shape. Take a look at all of these options and think about which ones would be best for your particular style of riding.

Aftermarket Gear for Intimidator UTVs

Intimidator UTVs are sold under a wide variety of names, and aftermarket equipment manufacturers have followed suit by providing gear that meets the needs of motorists who use nearly any of the makes and models sold as part of the line. For instance, if you wanted to increase visibility on your UTV you could select a Kawasaki Mule 600 pursuit side mirror or an Arctic Cat-branded side mirror. Either would be good for those who have to see forwards and back no matter what direction you might be facing at a time. That’s made them popular choice for hunters as well as those who use their UTVs to tackle heavy duty jobs.

Consider adding a Bad Dawg Universal grab handle if you’ve considered it difficult to get onboard your vehicle. While it might seem easy now, there’s always a chance you might end up dealing with muddy or dusty conditions at a later date. When you do, you’ll wish you’d have added one of these handy accessories. A sure-grip vinyl grab handle might be the best bet for those who want to always be sure that they’ll have the best grip in any situation.

You might also wish you’d installed a set of weather seal caps from Seizmik, which can help keep out debris and even moisture. They’re a great choice for those who often go off-roading on trails that aren’t well kept.

Extra visibility and functionality might help in these cases, since you’ll be able to see in front as well as behind you. In areas where weather or trail conditions worsen rapidly, this kind of feature is a must. Some parks and recreation areas might even require carts to have it.

Fortunately, it shouldn’t be hard to find the parts you need to revamp your ride in no time at all.

Adding Parts to Your Intimidator UTV

In most cases, these add-ons install with either few or no tools so you won’t have any difficulty putting them even if you’re away from the garage. Mirrors come with little adjustment knobs or grips, which are equally easy to work with at home as they are while you’re in the field. All you’ll need to do is take down a few dimensions so you know the right sized components to get. Once you have that information, don’t forget to contact Advantage Distributing online to learn more about what kind of parts are in stock for the model of UTV that you drive.

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