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ATV Brakes & Brake Parts

ATV Brakes & Brake Parts

While ATV brakes work like the brakes on any other motor vehicle, they’re often under a great deal of stress. Naturally, automotive brakes that have to stop large cars feel the most velocity, but more than a few ATV riders have a tendency to be particularly hard on the vehicles they ride. Over time, this wear and tear add up to the point that the brakes fail.

You never want to be in control of a vehicle without any brakes, because at that point you’re really not in control at all. Don’t wait for this to happen. Take a look at all of these ATV brake parts today and think about which ones might best fit what you ride.

ATV Brake Components for Various Models

Working with vintage equipment can be quite a challenge, especially for garage mechanics who don’t have access to a big supply chain. That’s why it’s fortunate that Honda Fourtrax TRX70 TRX 70 rear drum brake pads kits and other similar collections are available. This particular offering should fit the model year 1986-1987 ATVs, which tends to be a difficult time period to get equipment that’s completely up to the original specifications.

You could also rebuild this part of the powertrain on a Honda TRX500 or TRX680 with a front brake caliper rebuild kit. While the fitment on these kits includes many newer vehicles, it should work with an impressively large collection of vehicles.

High Lifter’s gear also provides coverage for any number of ATVs that you’re likely to have sitting in your garage, and you’ll even find some that work with many Honda models. There’s a front disc brake kit that comes with a replacement front rotor as well as pads. You’d be surprised how often people replace a rotor but forget about the pads, in spite of the fact that they’re the parts most likely to fail on brake systems. Don’t forget to get a kit that has everything in it.

Some riders might also want to be sure that they have plenty of spares around in case something were to happen in the future. Do you really ever know when a brake component might fail suddenly? It’s very hard to predict the occurrence of any particular accident that could make this happen, thus you’ll want to be sure that you have ample supplies just in case. Powersports enthusiasts can even get parts for more recent vehicles as well as those from the early part of this century, such as an Arctic cat 400i 2×4/4×4 brake pad set.

Acquiring Replacement Brake Parts

As long as you know the model, make and year of the ATV you ride you shouldn’t run into too much difficulty when it comes time to order brake parts. These three metrics are more than enough to match a majority of the equipment currently for sale, due in no small part to the efforts of aftermarket manufacturers to classify their gear. Contact Advantage Distributing to learn more about what kinds of options are currently on the market.

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