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Yamaha Windshields

Yamaha Windshields

Whether your golf cart’s current stock windshield isn’t doing its job or you simply need a replacement after many faithful years of service, you can find Yamaha golf cart windshields here. We’ve made sure to put together a good collection of different products so we can meet the needs of many different types of riders.

Take a few moments to jot down the model and year of your Yamaha cart. More than likely, this along with the dimensions of it are all you’ll need to match up an appropriate windshield for it. Things couldn’t be any easier.

Windshields for Yamaha Golf Carts

Stock windshields normally come in only a single configuration, but aftermarket ones can be far more varied since they’re designed to meet niche needs that might not be considered by the original equipment manufacturer. Some of these also support models that are no longer covered by Yamaha itself. For instance, you can get a clear folding windshield for carts that were sold under the 1995-2003 model years.

If you’ve been working on restoring an older cart or have something in your garage that isn’t currently running, then this is a perfect choice for you. You might consider an impact-resistant clear windshield if you often find yourself dealing with cracks and other maladies.

Some add-ons can provide additional functionality that the original windshield might not have. For instance, a deluxe roll up instant vinyl cart windshield cover is far more portable than most other solutions, and it’s easily hidden away when you’re no longer using it. Tinted folding windshield panels are even available from Madjax, which is a good idea if you have to deal with a healthy amount of sun. It’s also perfect for times when you can’t have a windshield put in place permanently and you want to be able to periodically swap equipment in and out so that you can match your cart to the job at hand.

Shop managers or those who operate larger golf courses might want to purchase a number of windshields at a time. If you have quite a few Yamaha carts in service, then you can always be sure that you’ll have the parts on hand that you need. Perhaps most importantly, you won’t have to look far and wide if you want to match your existing carts to a particular piece of aftermarket hardware.

Matching a Windshield to a Yamaha Golf Cart

No matter what model you have, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding the right part because Advantage Distributing has taken the time to put together a good collection of various components for those who regularly ride Yamaha equipment as well as those who have a garage that features vehicles from other manufacturers. If you’re having a hard time matching up the right windshield with your cart, then don’t hesitate to use our online contact form. We’ll be in touch with you quickly so we can help you find just the parts you need.

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