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EZGO Light Kits

EZGO Light Kits

EZGO Light Kits, Headlights, LED Kits & LED Bars

At Advantage Distributing, we take pride in stocking parts for various E-Z-GO models, not just the popular TXT; we also carry many parts for the RXV, Express, Freedom, and others. We stock parts from original equipment manufacturers as well as established third parties that meet or exceed OEM standards. When it comes to E-Z-GO golf cart kits, we offer basic replacements, universal lights, LED bars, halogen bulbs, and street-legal conversion kits.

Production of E-Z-GO golf carts dates back to the mid-1950s. Electric carts were manufactured before their gas-powered versions, and it only took the Textron business conglomerate a few years to recognize the value of acquiring the E-Z-GO brand. These days, E-Z-GO is the leading division of Textron Specialized Vehicles, and its carts can be found at golf courses, campuses, warehouses, and corporate parks around the world.

Following are some of our most popular light kits for E-Z-GO carts:

Horn, Brake Light, and Turn Signal E-Z-GO TXT Wiring Harness

For the most part, TXT carts are sold with a basic light configuration. If you are interested in making your TXT cart street-legal so that it can be taken on the road, you will have to install brake lights, turn signal, and a horn at the minimum. This wiring harness will work with the standard turn signal lights for TXT carts, and it will allow you to connect brake lights as well as the horn. Please note that this is not necessarily the minimum configuration for street-legal golf carts; you can check with the Department of Motor Vehicles, but the municipal code will have the last word on this.

MadJax Basic E-Z-GO TXT LED Light Kit

If you have a TXT golf cart from 1994 to 2013, this MadJax kit will upgrade your headlights and taillights to LED technology. Since these are LED lights, they will consume less energy, thus allowing you to get the most out of a single charge. In addition to daytime running lights for maximum safety, this kit comes with a wiring harness and special connectors for whenever you need to make the cart street legal with MadJax turn signals and brake lights.

GTW 41.5″ LED Light Bar

This universal light bar will fit Yamaha and E-Z-GO golf carts alike. The bar features two rows of light for maximum illumination; it is highly ideal for whenever you need extra lighting at night. The aluminum housing and weather stripping make this LED light bar compliant with the IP67 waterproof rating, which means that it will handle most rainstorms. The included harness features a switch.

Questions About E-Z-GO Golf Cart Light Kits?

If you are not sure which of our light kits is right for your E-Z-GO cart, we are here to help. Our customer service team members will be happy to answer your questions; contact our office today for assistance. Please remember that Advantage Distributing offers free shipping on many items, including E-Z-GO parts and accessories. We also carry an extensive line of automotive, marine, Powersports, and RV parts.

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