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Golf Cart Light Kits

Golf Cart Light Kits

Golf Cart Light Kits, Headlights & LED bars

Golf Cart Light Kits

Golf cart design and technology has come a long way since the early 1990s. In the past, golf carts only belonged on the golf course and did not offer too much in terms of utility; buyers were pretty much stuck with what they had because parts and accessories were not easy to find. These days, golf carts can be not only maintained and repaired but also modified and even upgraded with the right parts and kits.

Types of Golf Cart Light Kits

Illumination and marker lamps were incorporated into golf carts about three decades ago. Light kits started with traditional headlights, but they were later upgraded with halogen bulbs and LED bars. Turn signals, taillights, fog lamps, and in some cases backup lights are now more common than ever because modern carts can even transit on roadways if they have street legal kits installed.

The following golf cart light kit categories are the most popular in our catalog:

Club Car Golf Cart Light Kits

As an all-American manufacturer of electric and gas-powered golf carts, Club Car is one of the most common brands seen at country clubs and upscale golf courses. Advantage Distributing carries original equipment manufacturer light kits for Club Car golf carts dating back to the DS models of the early 1980s. We also carry the fancier MadJax line of LED lights for modern Club Car carts such as the Precedent and Tempo models.

Yamaha Golf Cart Light Kits

Japanese golf carts are just starting to become popular in North America. The Yamaha G line of golf carts are not very common on golf courses; they are more likely to be found in campuses, corporate parks, and industrial areas. LED bars for general illumination are very easy to install on just about all Yamaha G golf carts from 2007 to the most recent models. Street legal Yamaha golf cart light kits include everything you need to take them on the road: brake lights, turn signals, panoramic rear-view mirror, horn, and hazard lights.

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Light Kits

Since this is the most popular brand of golf carts in the United States, we carry a wide range of E-Z-GO light kits, parts, switches, harnesses, and accessories. Some of our kits are OEM, but we have quite a few MadJax kits that exceed the manufacturer’s quality specifications. In some cases, you will be able to upgrade some of the older E-Z-GO lights with LED bars.

Learn More About Golf Cart Light Kits from Advantage Distributing

Since 2001, Advantage Distributing has been providing customers with parts and accessories for major golf cart brands. We offer everything from replacement windshields to tune up kits and from gears to electric chargers. Should you have questions about whether the light kits in our catalog will work in your golf cart, please contact our office. Most of our parts enjoy free shipping unless multiple orders need to be shipped by truck freight. If you only need light kits for a couple of golf carts, your order will be shipped for free.

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