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John Deere

Dayco®HP (High Performance) Outdoor Activity Belt

Designed for use on all terrain vehicles, golf carts and farm and ranch utility vehicles
Proven under grueling actual all-terrain test conditions, the Dayco HP Outdoor Activity Belt has fast become the ATVer’s “Belt of Choice”. Manufactured from a specially formulated aramid reinforced polychloroprene and p-aramid cord, the Dayco HP Outdoor Activity Belt delivers superior strength, enhanced dimensional integrity and stability for long lasting belt life. Dayco HP Outdoor Activity Belts...Built to get you there and back!

Dayco®HP (High Performance) Outdoor Activity Belt
Designed to dominate any type of terrain
From mud hole to rocky trails to hill climbs to desert treks, Dayco HPX ATV Belts deliver unparalleled response. Constructed with extra strong p-aramid cord reinforcement and engineered fiber-loaded neoprene compounding this belt delivers the “muscle” and durability demanded by today’s high performance engines and the high performance enthusiasts who drive them. Tested under severe field conditions, the Dayco HPX ATV Belt has been proven to run cooler and to provide longer belt life than competitive belts.

Dayco®XTX (Extreme Torque) ATV Belt

Introducing the most powerful belt built for the most extreme machines
Dayco’s revolutionary new ATV belts are engineered for those monster machines powered by 800cc and above engines. Specially-formulated high temperature Neoprene® with the highest level of Aramid fiber loading available delivers track-churning performance for the most aggressive riders.This innovative break-through design features deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom for ultimate flexibility and longer belt life.

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Make/Year/Model CC OEM # HP Part # HPX Part # XTX Part #
CS Gator 249cc VG1027 HP2029
Buck 500 Auto 498cc C420280280 HP2035
CS Gator VG1027 HP2029
CX Gator VG1027 HP2029
Gator 2x4 RE28721 HP2028
Gator HPX 2x4 VG10928 HP2031
Gator HPX 4x4 VG10928 HP2031
Gator HPX 4x4 854cc VG10928 HP2031
Trail Buck Utility ATV 498cc C420280280 HP2035
Trail Gator 4x6 M125383 HP2030
Trail Gator 2x4 VG10928 HP2031
Trail Gator 4x4 VG10928 HP2031
Turf Gator RE28721 HP2028
Worksite 4x6 M125383 HP2030
John Deere Dayco Drive Belts
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