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Yamaha Engines & Engine Parts

Yamaha Engines & Engine Parts

Yamaha Golf Cart Engines & Engine Parts

Rebuilding an engine can be extremely difficult, and not having the right parts to do it will make the process even harder. We’ve done our best at Advantage Distributing to put together a collection of Yamaha golf cart engine components that should help you to get your favorite vehicle up and running. Take a few moments to make a shopping list and then browse our collection.

Yamaha Golf Cart Engines, Parts, and Components

Check out all of the following components so you can start on the path to getting your cart moving again.

2-Cycle Gas Golf Cart Oil Tank Cap

You’d never know how annoying it is to lose one of these small parts unless you’ve already tried to work on a golf cart that doesn’t have one. Oil tank caps can be notoriously difficult to find once you’ve lost one, which is why it’s always great to keep around spares. These are official OEM sponsored components that even come with the famous tuning fork-inspired Yamaha logo on the top so you know that it’s a certified component.

Yamaha Gas Golf Cart Valve Spring Retainer

It isn’t only oil caps that can be serious problems when you lose them. Even the tiniest part often plays a vital role in ensuring that your cart keeps moving. These two packs of valve spring retainers might not look like much, but they’re an absolutely vital replacement part for anyone who is redoing the engine of a Yamaha-branded golf cart or who needs to do a little work on a vehicle that seems to be missing a few important components. Once again, these parts should fit any cart that suits their specifications, which means you’ll find a wide variety of vehicles they work with.

1995-1996 Piston & Ring Set

These piston rings and wrist pin clip sets were made to meet or possibly even exceed the original equipment specification given in Yamaha carts from 1995 and 1996. Anyone who has tried to redo a cart from this area has probably run into issues related to finding period-accurate components that actually fit their vehicles correctly. If this at all sounds familiar, then you’ll want to browse our list of components from different eras so you can be sure that you’ll walk away with a part that’s going to do the trick in your vintage cart.

Piston & Ring Set Standard Bore

Those who need pistons for more recent gas-powered golf carts will want to check the bore size of the equipment that they’re working with. In many cases, you’ll find that all parts from golf carts manufactured within a certain time frame actually use standard bore components. That makes it much easier to maintain them. Take a few moments to jot down the sizes involved. Chances are that a single piston and ring set such as this one will be more than enough to get that section of your cart working again.

If you’re not sure about what kind of parts you might need, then feel free to contact us online and tell us more about any problems that you might be experiencing. Our team of experts will be glad to help.

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