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ATV Fuel Tanks

ATV Fuel Tanks

Fortunately, we have you covered at Advantage Distributing. We carry a whole entire selection of aftermarket ATV fuel tanks and accessories that are designed to make it easy for you to keep your ride running longer.

Replacement Parts for ATV Fuel Tanks & Assemblies

Take a few moments to note the make, model and year of the particular ATV that you’re trying to redo the fuel tank of. Chances are that you’d only need that information if you were looking for a special part. If anything else is required, then you’ll probably just need to record the dimensions and maybe a few other simple bits of information.

Check out the following examples and see if anything might fit your current rides.

Fourtrax 1988-1992 Plastic ATV Fuel Tank

Honda TRX300 gas tanks have a nasty habit of rusting out, but you won’t have to worry about that with this aftermarket plastic model. It fits any TRX300 ride from 1988 through 1992, which should prove to be excellent news for anyone who is looking to restore an older model or plans on investing in some new hardware to get their favorite long-term ATV going all over again.

Honda ATC 110 ATC 125 1983-1985 Replacement Fuel Tank

Say that you wanted to work on restoring something that Honda put together a few years before those TRX300 ATVs. If that’s the case, then this ATC tank might be perfect for you. Due to its unusual three-wheel arrangement, the ATC series has been long sought after by collectors, bikers and aficionados of power sports so these have become a popular aftermarket fix for those who want to keep their vehicle roaring into the future.

Wide Open Aftermarket ATV Plastic Flange Mount

Once you have all the other parts you need to redo the fuel tank, you’ll want to invest in something like this 14mm mount flange. These small parts might look tiny compared to the larger fuel tank assembly, but they’re excellent components and designed specifically to hold your equipment in place. That’s extremely vital for anyone who might have a vehicle that lost its original mount hardware.

Considering that many of these pieces have a tendency to corrode over time, you’ll probably want to pick up some spares as well. It’s best to have a few on hand, especially if you plan on riding hard.

Spare Parts for ATV Fuel Tank Assemblies

Once you have a shopping list of ATV fuel tank assembly components you need, make sure to contact us online and let our team of experts know exactly what you’re looking for. We can work with you to help you get the kind of specialty parts that you’ve been trying to find for what probably seems like ever.

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