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Toyota Tundra Dashboard Covers

While the Toyota Tundra has developed a reputation for being one tough truck, that doesn’t mean it can’t still take some damage. This is especially true of the interior, which should be protected.

Toyota Tundra dashboard covers help you to protect the interior of your motor vehicle and, by extension, the investment that you’ve put into it. At Advantage Distributing, we’ve made sure to put together the best possible collection of covers that fit the widest collection of model years.

Covers for Tundra Dashboards

Dash Designs makes a carpet cover that fits 2014-2020 Tundra trucks. It comes in a fine mat dark blue color, though those who have different colored interiors might instead want to consider a charcoal grey velour option instead. Either of these two choices is going to be perfect for those with luxury cab interiors as well as those who have cabs more geared toward work.

You might not be used to thinking of pickup trucks in terms of luxury, but Toyota’s design engineers have installed a number of features in them that you’d more than likely find inside of other vehicles. That’s why Dash Designs have tried to redesign the way that they make their dashboard covers look. They want to avoid making it appear as though they don’t match.

However, anyone who installs a mat grey velour cover in their pickup cab’s interior would more than likely not even realize that it wasn’t part of the original finish once it’s installed. That’s how well they tailor these to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Best of all, you won’t have to do any cutting or shaping because everything was positioned according to Toyota’s measurements. You can just install them and start using them.

As a result, there’s no reason to worry about any of the seams since the ends are all professionally finished before you get the cover. This is even true of more neutral ones, like the taupe cover that’s become popular with those who have very traditional interiors.

Those who are interested can get custom embroidered logos or monograms, which might be good for auto enthusiasts or businesses that use their trucks regularly. A few people have even opined that these can keep their interior cooler since they prevent the absorption of ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can be a real problem when a vehicle is parked. They can even discolor your original dashboard, so it’s nice to have one of these covers so you don’t run into UV-related issues.

Matching Covers to Your Dashboard

Depending on the exact model of Tundra you drive, you might want to invest in a different type of cover. Fortunately, all dashboards within a specific model and year are going to have the same dimensions. All you have to do is find out what year your vehicle would have been on the lot at Toyota dealerships. Once you do, you can contact us and we’ll make sure you can get your hands on the kind of covers you need.

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